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Poetic Reflections

From, he talked too much, to, he didn’t talk enough; to, he talked too much;
From prodigy without enough cents; To, a fool without common sense. Writing articles about statistics; To, having articles written about—as a statistic. From valedictorian to a DIN #. Made crowds proud—people wow, the ancients would have bowed. Made old ladies hearts pump;
Babies teared from fear—the ancients may have shamefully glared.
Taught about life, Christ, ball, and bikes, And the occasional three o’clock fights.
Simultaneously teaching the sons of others about the good, the bad, and wobbly state of his mental state.
From a wonderful mind; To a terrible thing to waste; To, wasting his mind; To, wasting precious years of time.
To, his bottom.
To, his potentially realizing his potential Was imprisoned before he was imprisoned. From an unfocused youth; To, focusing youths. From a dark son; To, the world’s brilliant sun.
And the best is yet to come.
-From my journals, circa 2006

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