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Season 3 is Coming Soon

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Season 2 of Decarcerated includes a live recording from the Brooklyn Museum and mobile episode with Johnny Perez, Cuban immigrant, Bronx representer, and Director of US Prisons Program at the National Religious Campaign Against Torture. 

This season features TEDx speakers, SXSW presenters, successful entrepreneurs, and a special episode recorded in Johannesburg, South Africa.  

What will next season bring?? Oh, and Marlon's TED Talk reached over 1 million views.  We're so excited about it that we dedicated the first episode of Season 2 to it.  Check it out here: "The Redemptive Value of Relevancy."


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Featuring Khalil Cumberbatch & Donna Hylton

Featuring Piper Anderson & Johnny Perez

An Afternoon of Resistance & Resilience at Brooklyn Museum with Khalil Cumberbatch & Donna Hylton

Featuring Topeka K. Sam

Topeka K. Sam in Her Own Words
An Afternoon of Resistant and Resilience with Piper Anderson & Johnny Perez

Featuring Marcus Bullock

Marcus Bullock: Entrepreneurship Is In His Blood

Featuring Frankie Guzman

Franki Guzman: Rewriting Unjust Juvenile Justice Poilcy

Featuring Coss Marte

Coss Marte: The Business of Health and Justce

Featuring Johhny Perez

Johnny Perez: Cuba is Unrecognzable & Felonies are Forever

Featuring Teresa Y. Hodge

Teresa Y. Hodge: Federal Prson Couldn't Stop My Relevance

Featuring Calvin Moyo

Calvi Moyo: Decarcerated Goes to SOuth Afria

Featuring Lucinda Cross

Lucinda Cross: The Journey of a Queen Boss

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These conversations are what gives life to

the fight for social justice. Inspiring and brilliant,

a privilege to have listened and learned.”  .” 

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