My life's work is an un-telling of all the things I was taught to tell myself...that I am underserving; that I am unable to love; that my past mistakes are the limitations of my present; that I'm nothing. 


Welcome to a to a place where the counter narrative serves as a catalyst for change.  A site that speaks to your questions about prison, violence, and trauma...and open you up to laughter, resilience, justice, counter narratives-- and the pursuit of finding our humanity.

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Every week the DEcarcerated Podcast highlights an individual journey of resilience, restoration, and triumph despite incarceration. Listen to be inspired and activated to action.



From Soca music to issues of social justice. In the words of Steve Biko, " I write what I like." 



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Ebony Magazine has named him one of America's 100 most influential and inspiring leaders in the Black community.  His TED Talk, "Am I not human? a call for criminal justice reform," has over 1 million views

Marlon spent his entire 20's inside of New York State prisons for his involvement in a crime as a teenager. During that time he earned an Associates Degree in Criminal Justice with Honors. He spent the last five years of his incarceration as the head of the Transistional Services Center where he created programming and curricula for men nearing release from incarceration. He also spearheaded and designed an experiential workshop for incarcerated men and college students from Vassar College called, "Vassar & Otisville--Two Communities Bridging the Gap."

There are 70 million people in America with a criminal conviction,

and you will hear their journeys of success. The DEcarcerated podcast is about

highlighting and amplifying the human spirit of resilience and transformation.

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Darren Mack: Return of the Mack

august 17 2018

Darren Mack was sentenced to a term of 20-40 years in prison when he was 17-years old. Now at 43-years old Darren is one of the lead organizers of the effort to close New York City’s Rikers Island.



I am a writer first. 

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